You can monitor multiple chains available in the contracts page. Adding a contract is the first step before you start monitoring anything.

On Ethereum based chains, You can monitor both wallets and contracts and there is no fundamental separation of them from our end. However, On solana (live now), you will have to be more careful.

Creating a contract

To create a contract, click on the "+" icon in the contracts page, and add your contract details:

If you want more chains or discuss integration, feel free to reach out to 0x0elliot or @patelzeel68 on twitter!

Deleting a contract

Similarly, You can delete the contract as well by clicking on the delete button next to the contract.

Adding ABI

You can follow instructions mentioned here to know how to add ABI.

But to sum it up, before you add the ABI to your smart contract, the notifications you receive contain the encoded input given in the transaction. We automatically convert it to clear text so that you can use it in your alerts and receive the full decoded figure as notifications.

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