The threat intel swiss knife for blockchain based products.

The problem ThirdEye solves

Public perception of blockchain is often marred by high-profile security breaches. Despite blockchain's inherent security, vulnerabilities can arise in the code running on it, leading to the loss of funds or control.

In the ever-changing and complex universe of blockchain technology, the safety of smart contracts on different EVM-compatible chains stands out as a critical issue.

ThirdEye enters the scene as an all-encompassing safeguard, tailored to strengthen security in this multifaceted domain. It's like a vigilant guardian for smart contracts, fitting seamlessly into a variety of EVM chains, which are celebrated for their adaptability and popularity within the blockchain community.

What really sets ThirdEye apart is its exceptional monitoring prowess.

Think of it as a highly skilled detective, constantly scanning smart contracts on EVM chains for any signs of unusual behavior, thereby catching potential security hazards before they can grow into bigger problems. In a world like blockchain, where overlooking security could lead to hefty financial setbacks and shake trust in the technology, this kind of vigilance is absolutely vital.

And we're serious about that.

Our project aims to address this issue by providing an accessible and reliable failsafe mechanism, enhancing security and reshaping the perception of blockchain technology, thus fostering trust and wider adoption.

tl;dr We aim to reinvent the threat response landscape in web3 and provide better tools for threat detection engineering and compliance monitoring.

Here is a quick demo video:

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Diagrams to better understand:

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